Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Hello, it's that time again, it does come round quickly doesn't it! What am I on about,well the weekly look at the desks of crafters around the globe. Don't be shy join in here !

Thank you for your lovely comments last week. Hello to Sarah Brennan - I always read your blog, thanks for commenting on mine.

So what have I been up to since last week? Hmmmmm struggling to remember some of the days :-)

Last Thursday was shopping and visiting my Aunt  Friday and Saturday stayed at home and was crafting. Had some gorgeous flowers in the post, from eldest son and family in Yorkshire,  and  another lovely surprise in the post - will share in a moment.
My second lovely surprise - in the post

The lovely Jan - LLJ sent me this delightful zip bag - how kind of her - thank you Jan ( I hope you got my email)  I love it! I am collecting Jan's bags , this is my 3rd one !

On Sunday, Mothering Sunday, I had a very chilled day. My youngest son came round with flowers, card and voucher for Afternoon Tea! A lovely call from eldest son. I also spoke to Mum. I was sad that her card had not arrived, my sister and brother's, posted after me got there, mine arrived Monday morning :-(. Then later on we went to youngest son's for dinner. My D.I.L.'s Mum was there also and my son cooked everything and waited on us all, I was rather proud of him. Our granddaughter's entertained us well. A lovely, lovely day . ( It was tinged with sadness as I thought of Mum and also it was the Anniversary of my brother's accident and death. I remember it all vividly even though a long time ago , he was ten and I was eleven, sad that this year it fell on Mother's Day )

This week has been filled with more decluttering, sorting and crafting.

I have four ladies coming to craft on Thursday evening and four on Saturday morning. I also promised just a few, very few items for my friend to put on her table at a Craft Fair on Saturday.

So my desk tonight /Wednesday morning

I also spread out onto the kitchen table. Have some finishing off to do yet.

Below the gorgeous flowers etc I received for Mothering Sunday

Below the card I made for Mum- not quite finished in these photos but I did finish it before I posted lol

Well that's it for now. I will visit as many as I am able to .

Mum should have left hospital today to go to yet another Care Home . I tried to ring her but no reply. I am waiting for information to go through to my younger sister . It is all very difficult and is getting me down a bit. Hopefully will know a little later if she got to new home ok and is settling in.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Wednesday again - well actually Tuesday evening !!! Here again for WOYWW - see here for what it's all about Stamping Ground home of WOYWW 

Thank you for all the lovely comments last week. Mum recovering well, still in hospital but doing well. Amazing everyone :-)

Our son much improved, being very careful but is back at work and driving himself.

We've had a lot of snow :-) - everywhere in the UK and it has led to some very nasty conditions. Photo in previous post of DH clearing a pathway on the drive. It meant we couldn't get out for a few days - well not easily and we had no need to and in fact advised not to - so I didn't and have been crafting. Some of my makes on previous post.

So to my work space I took a photo earlier but then decided to tidy it up as I had to make something - unexpectedly.
I soon messed it up again :-) I am not a neat , tidy crafter !!!

So below was as I'd left it after an afternoon crafting with a friend. She wanted to make the pyramid maze card for her niece soon to be 21. We did it in black and white, it was fabulous but I didn't take any photos and she took it with her :-( I could kick myself.

Took just before I stopped this evening for dinner. No more now until tomorrow.My Misti at the back and the new Stamparatus from Stampin Up. Love both. Good to have two of these tools for classes. The ladies who find stamping a bit more challenging loved using the Misti

My latest makes - some were on previous post. 

All needed to send for birthdays etc - I have a lot of events in March that need cards!

Hope you've enjoyed looking and reading. I will visit as many as I can tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Snow, Snow and more Snow!!!!!

I have not been out since returning from Somerset last Tuesday ( visiting my Mum who has been very poorly- see previous post) evening. It has been so cold and we have had a lot of snow.
We should now be in Yorkshire for our eldest son's birthday today but the weather put paid to that!! He didn't even receive his birthday cards!!! Boo!

So I have been crafting, what else can a girl do when she can't get out!!! :-) Oh and eating too much! Next week that has to change :-(

So a few photos

All quite simple really. I am working on some other projects that I will share at later date, I used the Picture Perfect Party Stack from Stampin Up. it is a 6x6 pad of papers, on one side there are photographic images, on the other graphic designs - they are all gorgeous. I think I'm going to order a second pack as they are so useful for quick, effective cards.

Thought I had pics of the snow but I can't find them :-(
Here's one of DH clearing a path on the drive yesterday morning.

Well I'd better go and tidy up and then I think more crafting :-) Stay warm!!! 

Tuesday, 27 February 2018


Hello all. Thank you for all the lovely comments last week.

I did manage a little crafting since last week but it has been busy and then the unexpected.

So to my desk

So my work area this week.I was searching for something - the card was one I did ages ago and then didn't send. I'd written inside and so I took the front off and put it on a new card base.

I was looking for papers to make this card. It was called a Pyramid Maze Card, and is a series of different sized cards and can hold photos etc a card album if you will.

Hopefully show you it completed next time.
Please join in WOYWW here at  Julia's I will be popping by as many desks as possible.

and the rest ........
My son is a little better and managed to go into work - he can't drive but DH took him yesterday and a friend today. Thank you for all the good wishes , I'm sure they helped.

Me ..... I've had a haircut, too short :-( but hey ho it will grow!  On Saturday I went to the Hippodrome in B'ham to see the ballet Sleeping Beautiful it was wonderful. Absolutely everything about it was superb. I went with two friends. We had a light lunch beforehand, then afterwards we had dinner at an Italian Restaurant before returning home - all very special

And then - I mentioned Mum last week. The short story ----- Last Wed she moved into a new Care Home as I said. Unfortunately she became poorly. She was admitted to hospital on Sun morning, she had a nasty pneumonia , we were told she was very ill and might not pull through. My brother and I went down to Somerset. She had picked up when we got there and incredibly made good progress. They have said she might be able to go back to the care home in two days. I cannot believe how she has recovered. They have now moved her from the Acute Medical Ward to a respiratory ward. She is of course very frail and the Consultant has said she has has done well, they have got her through it  ' until the next time' :-( I returned home this evening. Feel very tired but am pleased I saw her - she was pleased to see us all. There continues to be other issues but they are more difficult to resolve. :-(
Back soon.

Thursday, 22 February 2018

Smiles for Friday

Well this week passed by very quickly - they say time flies when you are having fun and we have had fun :-) in the main anyway - our son has been suffering and that was not fun to see - sciatica - see previous post.
Anyway last Saturday we had our granddaughters for a sleepover. Their mummy and daddy were going out but the sciatica put paid to that but of course the girls were not going to be put off and we wanted to have them as well.
On Saturday, after picking them up we went off to spend some pocket money! Home for lunch and then there was a lot of crafting!!! :-) We had pizza for diiner - their favourite. Then they changed into their pj's as did I and we `all settled down to watch a movie - with toffee popcorn- their choice :-)
More crafting and baking on Sunday before they went home. Lots of fun had by us all - well not for their daddy who has been in such pain.

I made one of these with my ladies at class - Phoebe wanted to make one for daddy as soon as she saw it- I cut the card and scored it. Told her what to do and this is her finished suitcase. She put chocolate inside for her daddy.
 The girls also bought chocolate for mummy and daddy and decorated some SU bags to put the chocolate in

Phoebe's decorated bag- she painted mummy and daddy and used her brush for the message, Ella's by the side was stamped and she wrote a message.

On Sunday morning Phoebe wanted to make a dream catcher , she had some instructions in her diary - I found everything - even feathers and when I came down after a shower she had done it! She is eight ,very clever and creative.
Ella made a card and also went a long walk with Grandpa.

Monday I did more tidying and decluttering - I am on a mission. Eye test on Tuesday and am having new specs!!!!
Wednesday - the girls again. Their mummy was working - she is doing temporary work at a nursery at the moment. This week is Half Term here and she had to do a day  at the Play Scheme and the girls are on holiday. They were due to go to another Play Scheme but begged to come here :-) - how could I say no :-) So they arrived and we were making pom poms as Phoebe, the youngest wanted to make something for her daddy. Later we went out for lunch and then popped to see a friend of ours and the girls were duly spoiled :-)

Pom pom making :-)

Afterwards we took them home tired but happy.
So there you have it a lot of smiles. :-)

So I am going to link up with the lovely Annie !

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Hello deskers. Here we are again, another Wednesday, oh my but they do come round very quickly. Thank you for all the lovely , generous comments last week. Sarah  B I do always visit your blog, sorry I can't comment.
So let me see what have I been up to since last Wednesday. I am still on a mission to declutter everywhere!!! Am getting there slowly. Last Thursday DH and I visited Ikea and I purchased another set of drawers to further organise my cardstock- I think I rather over ordered - there is a lot!!! I have also been reorganising other storage in a bid to try and find things more easily and use the storage more effectively. I have done a little crafting but really need to do a lot more - soon!
On Saturday our granddaughters came for a 'sleepover' Their mummy and daddy were going out but their plans changed. Last week our son was diagnosed with sciatica ( DH has suffered in the past but not to this degree) he has been in absolute agony. Saw GP last Wed but got steadily worse. On Sat morning he was writhing on the floor in pain. My D.I.L. was in tears and didn't know what to do. Anyway she rang 111 and they gave her an appointment. So we collected the girls a little earlier than planned. They said that DS has a bulging disc and prescribed Tramadol. We saw him Sunday, he was still in pain but also spaced out. On Monday said he was stopping the Tramadol made him feel odd. Today he got a physio appointment. Poor thing is also worried about not being at work. Anyway the girls had a fab time, crafting, baking and watching a movie with us. I am saving the details for Friday posting :-)

On Sunday after the girls went home I did very little. Yesterday more sorting out :-) Tuesday ( today) I went for an eye test , not due but have noticed a difference. Sight has deteriorated slightly since last test and I decided to have some new specs, had others ages. have spent a fortune but 'I'm worth it' :-) Also had to go and buy a new iron and a frying pan. So exciting!!!

So on to my desk!!!!

So very tidy and boring. All ready to create :-)

Looking the other way. So tidy. Those bits at the end are sorted and just need putting in appropriate drawers.

my actual desk, it was a washstand a long time ago - genuine one and a friend of my husbands found it, in poor condition and worked on it and made it into a small desk. I saw it and loved it. The gorgeous baby is our eldest grandson, Harry who will be 13 this year!!! Where did those years go?

So if you would like to join in WOYWW then visit the lovely Julia's Blog and find out how. Will visit as many as possible. I might be a tad late as we have the girls again tomorrow!

I know I haven't mentioned Mum for a while. She is still down in Somerset. She is moving to another home tomorrow. She has improved slightly but is still in pain and yesterday was very tired. ( A result of her heart problem ) It is a very difficult situation and I am not sure how things will work out. Sadly the only information we get at the moment is from Mum herself :-( , I hope and pray that the situation will improve before too long.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Smiles for Friday

I have had a few things to smile about this last week but no new photos. I posted in my last post about my class last Saturday and my Valentine makes.
It has been a good week. I have achieved a lot and spent some time with my friend , catching up and enjoying tea and scones. Also had a lovely Valentine's Day with DH - we had a yummy meal and fizz last night. Today we popped to Ikea - I needed another set of drawers for my cardstock, Also had some delicious soup there for lunch.
Just remembered a photo I can share, though apologise that it's not brilliant. Last weekend younger son and family went to elder son's home in Yorkshire - I love when they can all get together. Great that my granddaughters and grandsons get to spend time together. Well DH and I had to go and care for the Guinea pigs. They always make me smile. When they hear the fridge open - for me to get some of their food out - they squeak so much. I let them out while I was getting it ready and the one was practicaly following me around the kitchen. I told her she had better be careful or I would be treading on her  :-) I couldn't get a good photo but here they were tucking into the fresh hay, after they had eaten the vegetables they like best.
They are so cute - Chloe and Grace - my granddaughters wanted to be called those names when they were younger :-) and so they called their guinea pigs those names. :-)

I am joining in with Annie's Friday Smiles. Pop over and have a look at Annie's Blog and FB page she makes some lovely things. 


Hello, it's that time again, it does come round quickly doesn't it! What am I on about,well the weekly look at the desks of crafters...