Tuesday, 22 May 2018


Hello every one. Thank you so much for all the good wishes last week. I think I managed in the end to visit everyone who visited me. I'd linked up quite early and then realised that I ought to see GP as I certainly wasn't getting better and in fact felt quite poorly :-( Managed to get an appointment and ended up on antibiotics. :-(
Had to cancel a planned afternoon tea on Thursday but managed my class on Saturday. Only four ladies but we had a lovely morning. I did a little display that included a 'nod' to the Royal Wedding. I served scones and jam and we put TV as Meghan arrived at Windsor Castle. We made a set of cards in white and blue with a red flower - all wore some red, white and blue. Everyone agreed it was a lovely morning. Oh and I did a small raffle - all red/white/blue.

So my desk tonight (Tuesday) Tidy as I have been tidying up as I go. Prepping for next event - a Friday night and All Day Saturday crafting event. So as I prepare I need to keep ordered.

I was stamping off with new SU colour - it really is lovely.

Below my display on Saturday, a bit of bunting, Harry and Meghan on the light box

 Below the Raffle Pack :-)

Two of the ladies watching the Wedding.

I will try and visit a few more desks this week. 

On Sunday it was the Christening of my Great Nephew Henry. After the service we went back to my nephew's house. It was a glorious day and we sat outside. There were a lot of children but they all played so well together. It was a beautiful day. I'm glad I was well enough to go, though I didn't feel too good when I got home. 
Well I am trying one more time the Card and a Cuppa - see what happens . I will let you know. 

Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Hello. I knew last week ( again) I'd have very little time to visit so didn't pop on. We went to our eldest Son's in Yorkshire on Thursday. On the Wednesday I tried Card and a Cuppa - again no takers, despite four having said they were going. So will try next Wed - that will probably be final attempt for now if no one turns up :-(
I have been preparing for a class on Sat ( all being well- I'm not feeling all that well :-( ) and then at beginning of June I have a Friday Eve, All Day Sat Event. Lots to do for that but I have started. 
So to my desk 

I have been working on some cards and playing with some new ink pads /new colours from SU.

Well I think that's it for this week, I know very short for me. As I said not feeling at my best. 
Will visit all who visit me and those ending in same number as me.

Tuesday, 1 May 2018


Gosh it's been a while since I joined in. It seemed that every Wednesday I was going to be unable to visit desks so I didn't feel it fair to post and then not be able to comment on other desks.  :-)

Crafting wise I have been busy. Classes and an attempt at a new venture - Card and a Cuppa at the Community Centre . No one turned up for first attempt, though others there did show an interest, so I will persevere for a while. These things can take time.
Today I have been sorting out some cards for a good cause  - Chemo Unit. My SU Up line has a lady who goes to her class, who has terminal breast cancer. She has been undergoing treatment for some time. She still tries to help others and has been making cards for the unit. I understand she not able to send any now. My Upline has done a lot and asked if anyone else can help. I was happy to. Sadly the lady's husband has now been diagnosed with bowel cancer - so, so sad.
Some of the cards I have sorted today for the Unit.

I have made several cards etc for family birthdays, card classes and for table swaps when I went for a meal after Onstage in Telford.

There are more but I don't want to bore you!

So to my desk!

A mess :-) need to tidy it up!

I look forward to visiting everyone who visits me and those ending with same number as me and as many more as I can manage.

If you want to learn more about WOYWW then visit the stamping ground blog and find out more!

Since my last visit I have been to Sidmouth to see mum. She is OK, the Care Home is lovely. I wish the situation was different but it is what it is :-(

Mum with my brother.

The view from mum's room.


DH and I at Sidmouth, had a stroll after breakfast.

It was sad leaving mum. It is such a distance, not sure how often we can make it down there! :-( 

I also had a lovely weekend st Stampin Up Onstage event! 

This last weekend was our youngest son's 40th birthday - how did that happen ? Lol 
Our eldest son and family came from Yorkshire for the celebrations. On Monday it was DH's birthday - a lot of celebrating, food and cake :-)

 Some fun friends at Onstage - there was an 80's theme.
 My haul of swaps!
 Above our sons and beautiful D.'s I.L.
 DH on his birthday!

Above the 'birthday boy' :-) 

Bye for now. 

Tuesday, 3 April 2018


Hard to believe that Easter has been and gone and we are into April. I am so sorry if I didn't manage to get back to anyone - I will remedy that this week.  Lots as ever going on :-) you know what it's like. On Thursday evening we met my youngest son and family for a meal - a pre birthday meal for me as they are away now in Portugal. There was cake as well!!
Last Friday a friend popped in and then DH and I met my sister, her husband and other family members for lunch. We then went on to visit my Aunt. My brother also went so there were ten of us and my great niece and nephew.

In photos there is Auntie, the babies Matilda and Noah. You can also see my sister further down.

It was a lovely day. Saturday was quite chilled. I crafted. I am going to Stampin'Up! Onstage in Telford next weekend and have been making a few bits and pieces. 

Easter Sunday was also my birthday :-) lots of calls etc and DH cooked in the evening. I had celebrated with both sons beforehand as they were doing other things at Easter. DH made it a special day for me. Beautiful flowers from DH. Had other lovely gifts as well. I am very lucky. 

Yesterday a friend popped in with a gift and then DH and I went to see a friend of mine who does not have a lot of family and was not doing a lot at Easter.
Today pretty much back to normal but enjoyed crafting.

My Desk - AKA dining table :-)

Can you see my brushos ?? A friend made me the holder and brought it by today. With a super card that she had used brushos on. Isn't it gorgeous? She is very talented.
Well that is all for this week. Sorry Julia for all the photos. Hope it is ok. I will try to do better with my visits this week I promise.

Want to join in - then visit Julia's Blog and find out what it's all about.

PS Thank you for all the good wishes re mum. I am happy that she is settled and in a lovely place. The whole situation is not as I would really wish for but I have come to accept what is. x

Tuesday, 27 March 2018


Sad to have missed visiting you all last week but sometimes there are just not enough hours are there?
So since my last visit what have I been up to? Hmmmm how much can I remember lol.
I've had two classes, and was preparing things for a Craft Fair. The weather that day was awful and not many people visited. I made a little and had a couple of orders. Glad though that I didn't go overboard with what I made.
Had a lovely evening with a group of friends celebrating the 70th birthday of one of them. She loves entertaining and held a dinner party, doing all the work herself. It was all lovely and delicious.

The weekend just gone was spent visiting our eldest son and family in Yorkshire. We should have gone at beginning of March for Matthew's birthday but it was the weekend of 'The Beast from the East ' so we couldn't go of course. It was lovely seeing them and Sunday was a glorious day. I was up early and went with our son to take youngest grandson to play in a football match. It was their first since before Christmas - the holidays and weather has caused havoc. Sam ( grandson) said ' I will score a goal for you Grandma'. He got the first one and then three more.

Beautiful sky and views on the way home.

Sam is in the middle facing the lad in opposing team. 

 DH went with D.I.L. and eldest grandson to his match. His team also won!!! On the Saturday we spent a very chilled day in and then went out for an Indian meal on the evening. A wonderful weekend with more lovely memories made.

So to my desk. I am going to have a go at a Card and a Cuppa at the local Community Centre, after Easter and so have been working on 'poster' to advertise it. I've also been putting the finishing touches to cards for a swap.
So here's the mess I've made creating this week so far

Also a partly finished Easter card there.
Below a mini pizza box I decorated, it contains some small Lindt Easter bunnies that I am sending to mum. She won't eat much chocolate :-(

 Made 11 of cards below for a swap.

Above the finished treats for the Craft Fair

Below the card and a gift box for my friend who was 70, we are also taking her out for Afternoon Tea after Easter.

Mum is in a lovely Care Home and is ok. I have not seen the Home or Mum since she was in hospital. Hoping to visit her soon. Talking on the telephone is difficult as she doesn't hear properly. She seems happy and settled so that is all I can wish for really.

Sorry for the long post and lots of photos - I will visit as many as I can. Probably be later on as I have a medical appointment .

Happy Easter everyone.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Less than a week to go!!!!!

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Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Hello, it's that time again, it does come round quickly doesn't it! What am I on about,well the weekly look at the desks of crafters around the globe. Don't be shy join in here !

Thank you for your lovely comments last week. Hello to Sarah Brennan - I always read your blog, thanks for commenting on mine.

So what have I been up to since last week? Hmmmmm struggling to remember some of the days :-)

Last Thursday was shopping and visiting my Aunt  Friday and Saturday stayed at home and was crafting. Had some gorgeous flowers in the post, from eldest son and family in Yorkshire,  and  another lovely surprise in the post - will share in a moment.
My second lovely surprise - in the post

The lovely Jan - LLJ sent me this delightful zip bag - how kind of her - thank you Jan ( I hope you got my email)  I love it! I am collecting Jan's bags , this is my 3rd one !

On Sunday, Mothering Sunday, I had a very chilled day. My youngest son came round with flowers, card and voucher for Afternoon Tea! A lovely call from eldest son. I also spoke to Mum. I was sad that her card had not arrived, my sister and brother's, posted after me got there, mine arrived Monday morning :-(. Then later on we went to youngest son's for dinner. My D.I.L.'s Mum was there also and my son cooked everything and waited on us all, I was rather proud of him. Our granddaughter's entertained us well. A lovely, lovely day . ( It was tinged with sadness as I thought of Mum and also it was the Anniversary of my brother's accident and death. I remember it all vividly even though a long time ago , he was ten and I was eleven, sad that this year it fell on Mother's Day )

This week has been filled with more decluttering, sorting and crafting.

I have four ladies coming to craft on Thursday evening and four on Saturday morning. I also promised just a few, very few items for my friend to put on her table at a Craft Fair on Saturday.

So my desk tonight /Wednesday morning

I also spread out onto the kitchen table. Have some finishing off to do yet.

Below the gorgeous flowers etc I received for Mothering Sunday

Below the card I made for Mum- not quite finished in these photos but I did finish it before I posted lol

Well that's it for now. I will visit as many as I am able to .

Mum should have left hospital today to go to yet another Care Home . I tried to ring her but no reply. I am waiting for information to go through to my younger sister . It is all very difficult and is getting me down a bit. Hopefully will know a little later if she got to new home ok and is settling in.


Hello every one. Thank you so much for all the good wishes last week. I think I managed in the end to visit everyone who visited me. I'd...