Friday, 19 January 2018

A Smile for Friday

I haven't joined in with Annie's Friday Smiles for a long time - apologies Annie :-) - life gets in the way sometimes and we cannot always do what we would like to.
On Wednesday I made the journey down to Somerset, where my mum is living at the moment - in a Care Home rather than her bungalow. The home she is in at the moment is called Sunnymeade and that is the name of mum's bungalow, nearby - which is to be sold soon.

Yesterday, Thursday it was Mum's 89th birthday. We had a lot of smiles together while we were there and I think she really enjoyed her special day. She had her hair done on the morning , she always likes her hair to look good. At lunch time she didn't  feel up to going out but the staff at the Care Home laid a special table and we all had lunch together . I had taken a cake and they lit it and all sang Happy Birthday. So many of the staff came along and hugged her and wished her Happy Birthday. she had some beautiful cards and lovely gifts. We went back to her room and she had a little rest - a snooze!
I stayed for the rest of the afternoon and then we had to leave. Later there was a tea party for her and my sister and family were there for that. It was sad to leave - (especially as not sure when I can next go down to see her) but we had many smiles together which was lovely.

Many Happy Returns Mum - love you xxx

Tuesday, 16 January 2018


Another week has just flown by. I am really still in organising mode, I keep changing my mind :-) and reorganising. Think though I am making progress though you may not think so when you see my work space.

Want to join in with WOYWW then pop over to the lovely Julia's blog - Stamping Ground

Said I thought I had a tummy bug last week but I'm still not right, I don't feel ill but things not settled. Am wondering if stress, IBS type thing :-( It's a nuisance though.
I had lunch out on Friday - was careful what I ate, was ok until I got home.
Went to WI last night - there was  talk from a lady called The Travelling Peddler - Mo Emmans - it was interesting.
I have been making some cards for a swap - can share next week and a birthday card for my B.I.L. - forgot to take a photo and it has been posted- afraid it was late :-( only by a day.

So here is my , not terribly interesting work space

As I said not terribly interesting

Looking down the table - oh my what a mess!!!  Never mind I will get there :-)

I will visit all who visit me and as many more as I can / able to!!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


Time again for a peek at crafters desks around the world. Such fun. Want to know more and of course join in? Visit stamping-ground where you'll find all you need to know :-)

So what have I been up to? Not a great deal really, taking it easy. I did go to a friend's last Friday for a lovely dinner- 9 ladies putting the world to rights. Both DH and I been a little under the weather, his is a recurring problem. he is very stubborn though and delayed going to get the medication he needs- went yesterday so hopefully he will soon perk up. I came down with a tummy bug on Sunday,  almost over now.

Still not a lot of crafting going on. However feeling better now, almost sorted myself out. Ready to start. Did make a card yesterday. It was a request - not entirely happy with it - a special request. I needed to use printer but ink is low and so colours didn't go to plan :-( hope the lady liked it. It was a free one so if not suitable she hasn't lost out.

So to my work space

I invested in a carousel tool holder - I looked at reviews of this on Amazon and saw that our very own Shaz Silverwolf had reviewed it and was positive so I went ahead and ordered. Very pleased I am as well. The pliers ???? well I had the idea to turn the top of my Raskog cart over and to use as a platform for the big shot. However I was not happy with it and so turned it back again. I've been moving stuff around and trying out storage ideas- now can't find anything :-) Best put those pliers back - DH will wonder what I've been up to now :-)

So that's it. short and sweet for a change. Will visit as many as I can. Bye for now.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Things not going quite to plan

Had hoped to have started some makes now with goodies from New Occasions Catalogue and Salebration brochure. I am taking a tad too long sorting out my room - Craft Studio AKA My dining room :-)
I used to craft upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms. Once my grandchildren got a bit older it was obvious we needed the bedrooms for when they came to stay or have sleepovers :-) so I set about using the dining room as a craft studio. It made sense as it is not often needed as a dining room, only when all the family come ( that happened at Christmas) .
So set the dining room up so that I could convert back to dining room easily. Well that doesn't happen quite so easily so at the moment I am trying a spot of reorganising in hope that it will get easier. at the moment I am just in a muddle.
I did make a card today - someone requested a quite specific card - used some non SU stamps I still have, also made an envelope as I stupidly made the card to size that appealed without thinking about envelopes I have :-(

Light wasn't very good, colours look better in real life.

Well I hope to be back with some more makes soon. Meanwhile I will leave you with these gorgeous makes from the SU catalogue. Aren't they lovely. I'm looking forward to playing with the products and getting ready to share with the lovely ladies who come and craft with me.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

It's here! The 2018 Stampin' Up! Occasions Catalogue and Sale A Bration

Hello again. Yesterday I introduced you to the new Spring/ Summer Catalogue from Stampin 'Up! and the Salebration brochure ( see side bar) 

The Catalogue and Salebration run from 3rd January until 31st March so LIVE RIGHT NOW !!!!!!

SHOP - For every £45 you spend you can earn a Level 1 item completely FREE. 
For every £90 you spend you can earn Level 2 item or 2 x Level 1 items - a new feature for 2018
Spend  £200+ and you can earn an extra £20 in Stampin Rewards in addition to what you already earn.

Or why not join - For a £99 Starter Kit you get to choose £130 worth of products PLUS an additional 2 Stamp sets of any value from either the Spring/Summer catalogue or the Annual Catalogue. 
If you are interested in purchasing or joining please get in touch. I would be so happy to guide you through. 

Tuesday, 2 January 2018


Well here we are at the start of another year. I do hope it will be a good one for us all. 2017 saw some  highs but a lot of lows. I do hope that 2018 will be a better one. Mostly I hope my mum will get settled somewhere. It is so sad how things have worked out for her and it breaks my heart.

Well I had lots of plans for my crafting, for 2018, as yet apart from moving stuff off the dining table ( we used the room and table for what it was intended during Christmas) I have not done anything. I feel quite lethargic - I think post Christmas blues.

So this is my work space - very boring!!! I am in need of inspiration.

A few new stamp sets to the left, otherwise nothing!!!
Below my actual little desk , I outgrew this a long time ago. It was an old washstand that was converted into a desk by a friend of DH. The stamps are my Christmas ones. I think I may have one/two too many :-)

Below - I am still enjoying looking at my tree and the lights. I don't take my decorations down until 5th Jan. It is still Christmas as far as I'm concerned. I am saddened by how quickly it is over for some and they are onto the next 'fix' My friend saw a big Easter Display on 28th December - what is that all about ????

If you are wondering what WOYWW is all about then click on the icon on side of my blog and join in.  I will visit anyone who pops by here.

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year Everyone

Well I've not managed to blog for a couple of weeks. Just want to say to anyone who pops by to see if I have managed to get onto my blog 

  A Very Happy and Healthy 2018. 
This year has not been the best one , but I know others have had a lot worse. My main hope is that my mum will finally get settled somewhere and will feel happier. I just wish for peace, health and happiness. 
Enjoy your last day of the year if you are able. 
I couldn't find a photo or picture that I really wanted to use so I decided to pop this one on :-) This is Ralph our fur Grandbaby :-) - he joined his family back in March and has been keeping them, and all visitors on their toes since. Here he is on Christmas morning in his Santa outfit. It wasn't on for long!!!!!! He is a beautiful boy and I hope he has made you smile.

Happy New Year - see you in 2018 all being well !!!

A Smile for Friday

I haven't joined in with Annie's Friday Smiles for a long time - apologies Annie :-) - life gets in the way sometimes and we cannot...